More Spend
More Revenue

Olina dynamically manages and funds your marketing campaigns — intelligently optimizing for better ROAS and revenue every hour.

Why Ecom Loves Olina

While you sleep, Ai-Powered Olina optimizes your campaigns across Google and Meta. However, budget is still the single most impactful variable for paid marketing revenue growth. In addition to optimizing your campaigns and budgets, Olina will front the spend when it's time to scale!

When using Olina's spend, we strictly earn a small commission on the new customers our capital generates.

We're Fast

Our sign-up process takes just a few minutes, thanks to our one-click integrations. Our models pull in your historical data and can instantly start making adjustments to your campaigns, and if you need funding, that’s fast too!

Cash Preservation

Optimizing budgets doesn’t work if the additional spend causes your business cash flow headaches. Olina fronts the spend, allowing our models to scale your campaigns without cash flow implications.

Optimize For Growth

AI-powered Olina adjusts budgets, bids, search terms, negative keyword lists, targeting, and much more. Every hour, we make data-driven decisions to ensure your campaigns are profitable.

Zero Risk

Experience zero risk with Olina. We front additional spend and get paid back with the additional revenue we help generate. It's an investment in your perpetual growth and success.

Grow in three simple steps


QuickStart Data Integrations

Click Start Now and connect your marketing platforms securely and seamlessly in just two minutes. Our models will analyze your data, and can start making optimizations. It's easy to give us a try on just a few campaigns.


Ongoing Campaign Analysis

Olina continuously analyzes and updates your campaigns, optimizing for ROAS and Revenue. Our changes are gradual and entirely data-driven, utilizing our in-house AI-powered models.

Constant Analysis

Transparent and Tailored Returns

Our platform shows our model-making changes, the increased revenue we generate, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Olina actually manage the campaigns?

Yes! Our models optimize your current campaigns. However, we don't create new campaigns just yet!

What ad platforms do you currently support?

We currently support Google Ads and Meta!!

Can I set performance safeguards?

Yes! You can input your gross margins into our platform. Our models will work to ensure you stay profitable. :)

What if I decide to stop using Olina?

No hard feelings; it's easy to stop using Olina, but we will be sad to see you go. :(

What controls do I have over Olina's spend?

You can always pause Olina’s spend, and select which campaigns you wish to supercharge.

What if you increase spend and the ads don't perform as expected?

We gradually increase spend not to shock your current performance. However, we have built extensive real-time campaign monitoring capabilities. Our system will automatically adjust/stop our spend if we are outside of your safeguards.

We have low margins–– would this work?

That's okay. In our platform, simply input your gross margin—our models will work hard to keep you above your break-even roas.

Do you have Eligibility requirements:

Yes! However, we have zero spend minimums.

  • At Least One Month of Spend History/Data

We can’t wait to show you more